Monday, 12 November 2007

Monday 12 November

Regular supporters of the World Development Movement, or visitors to our website ( will know about the exciting launch of the African Water Network in Nairobi in January. The network works to oppose water privatisation policies and campaign for progressive public alternatives to tackle the global water crisis across Africa and it brings together activists from more than 20 countries across the continent.

Later this week, some of us who were lucky enough to be at launch in Kenya will get together again with members of the AWN for the first annual meeting of the network, in Johannesburg, South Africa. We will be discussing the future plans of the network as well as having some detailed discussions about alternative policies to privatisation. Looking at the agenda, there will also be a solidarity march through Soweto and hopefully lots of opportunities to catch up with activists from Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Malawi and other countries where we've been working in solidarity with campaigners opposing water privatisation policies in recent years.

Check back later in the week for further news...

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